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Tree herders

Some giant trees, such as cedars and redwoods, are an example of great longevity and their populations depend much more on tendencies than on specific


The forest fate: winning time

What is the future that the Mediterranean forests expect? Climate change is already strongly felt and its impacts reach everywhere. Francisco Lloret tells the current

Water conducting vessels in Avicennia marina. 3D reconstruction froma images generated by SkyScan 1172 MicroCT scanner (Bruker MicroCT). Sample dimensions: 0.4 x 0.4 x 1.6 mm.
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Using 3D animations to understand plant anatomy

How does water move inside a tree? CREAF researchers are helping to demystify such topics using 3D images wich reconstruct the internal structure of tree branches

Bosc de la Cerdanaya afectat per la sequera. Autor: Isard Alfonso
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Mathematics in the fight against forest drought

A study by CTFC and CREAF scientists has led to the development of a mathematical model which predicts drought stress in forests. The research shows that

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