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Bruc d'hivern (Erica multiflora). Foto: Armando Reques
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What will the future smell like?

Researchers from CREAF, CSIC, and the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Estonia have found that flowers are becoming more fragrant as the global

Forests growing in fertile soils with ample nutrients are able to sequester about 30% of the carbon that they take up during photosynthesis. Font: CREAF.
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Nutrient-rich forests absorb more carbon

Forests growing in fertile soils, without nutrient limitation, are up to three times more efficient in carbon use than forests on infertile soils.

IMBALANCE-P durà a terme un macroexperiment a la Guaiana Francesa
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CREAF awarded a Synergy Grant

The team of Josep Peñuelas, researcher of CREAF and lecturer of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), was selected for a Synergy Grant, the prestigious

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