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Josep Peñuelas, en una foto en motiu del 'Cuestionario Big Vang' de La Vanguardia, del passat 18 de gener.

Peñuelas, awarded with Margalef Prize

In the prizes to the trajectory of a scientist, people say , the hardest is to begin, because after the first award, the winner can

Camps de conreu. Foto: Wikipedia (CC)

Nothing can be understood without evolution…

This phrase is often repeated among biologists, but it is time for non-biologists to recognize the truth of this statement. In the opening session of

The first nature intinerary of Spain took place in Santiga. Photo: Jaume Terradas.
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Is environmental education working?

In the year 1970, an international meeting was held, organized by IUCN and UNESCO, on Environmental Education in the School Curriculum, at the Foresta Institute

How EU Research & Innovation works for a better world
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MENFRI project and EXPO Milan 2015

MENFRI project  has been featured in an interactive presentation –“How EU Research & Innovation works for a better world supporting communication activities”, prepared for EXPO 2015, showing successful

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