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Thinking on group selection

Darwin introduced the idea that selection might not only affect individuals but also other levels. This was a logical extension of his theory. 


Towards a general theory of evolution

Neo-Darwinism seems to be overcome, and there is already a need for a paradigm shift which reformulates and completes the Theory of Evolution.

El riu Kissimmee, a Florida, EUA, ha estat recentment restaurat. Autor: South Florida Water Management District (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Verum ipsum factum

We need to understand how things work, to know how to assemble and how to disassemble them. But we have reached a point of so

La ciutat de Jodhpur és la segona més gran del Rajasthan, un estat del nord-est de l'Índia. Autor: Marc Hoffmann (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In urbibus mundi

In this new post, Jaume Terradas thinks about what nature has meant for human since the dawn of our species, and how the accumulation of

Recentment s'ha identificat el tauró de Grenlàndia com l'animal més longeu; pot viure fins a 400 anys. Autor: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program

Some updates

In this new article, Jaume Terrades presents new information and updates some of his posts that he has written in his section.

El tauró blanc. Font: (CC BY 2.0) Elias Levy

About sharks and humans

Jaume Terradas talks about the fight between humans and Evil, represented by the figures of the white whale, in Moby Dick, and the white shark