The olfactory system of Hymenoptera

Christina Kelber
Christina Kelber

El próximo lunes 31 de marzo a las 15:00 en la Sala de Grados II, Christina Kelber de la Universidad de Darmstadt, Alemania, propone realizar el siguiente seminario en el CREAF.

Christina Kelber
Christina Kelber

FECHA: 31 de marzo

HORA: 15:00

LUEGAR: Sala de Grados II

TITULO: The olfactory system of Hymenoptera

AUTOR: Christina Kelber de la Universidad de Darmstadt, Alemania


In Hymenoptera, odors play an important role for communication, mating, foraging and orientation. Previous studies emphasize that eusocial honeybees and ants possess a highly developed and complex olfactory system with a high number of functional units (glomeruli) in the first olfactory neuropile and voluminous, subcompartmented mushroom bodies. It is also shown that the olfactory system is plastic and that there is large interspecific variance in the peculiarity of several neuroanatomical traits. As a neuroethologist, I´m interested in adaptations of the olfactory system to eusocial life-style and division of labor, to mating, to foraging habits, and to other olfactory guided tasks. I use a comparative approach and investigate the neuroanatomy of different ant, wasp and bee species. Neuroanatomical stainings, confocal microscopy and 3D-reconstruction as well as transmission electron microscopy, genetic barcoding and behavioral experiments are useful methods in my projects.

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